How to apply passport in India

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How to apply passport in India

Passport is really a very important document for every citizens of every country is you are going out or if you want to go out from your country for Business tour and other stuffs you need passbook.
So how we can apply passbook online from your mobile or your computer at your home it is very simple all you need to do just go to this website.
Create your account your username and your password is important don’t forget then fill all the details carefully and upload a scan copy of your document like birth certificate 10th certificate Aadhar card pan card etc.
Pay the online apply fee the fee is around 1500 form normal case and 2004 tatkal quota case after paying the same take your appointment with your passport seva kendra.
Once the appointment is generated or confirm you have to go to the same date with all your documents original copy that you uploaded.

The passport officer will verify your document.

You can also choose SMS service to get the information and current status of your passport creating process.
Now your local police station verify your documents and your character and other things about you that you live and their area or not. After that they will forward the documents to the senior and they will send your document to Passport Office again.  Then after approx 15 days postman will deliver your Passport to your given address.  You have to show your identity to The Postman to get your passport because postman will never give you  passport to any one else.
If your passport takes more than 20 days to deliver on your given address.  Go first talk in the post office about your passport if that tells you they didn’t get any passport with your name. Then go to the passport office and ask them that you didn’t received your passport.
You have to fill application form there and they will check where and why your passport stuck and why you didn’t get your passport till that day and then send your passport again or they will fix everything what mistake there to your passport Delivery process.
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Types of Issues in applying and there solutions

1. Missing Document
Always double check your document before applying because if you submit incomplete document your application may rejecte or pending.
2. Clean copies
Always submit clean photo copies which will be more visible to verify photos and signature.
3. Signature Issues
Try to make same signature in all copies because if your signature differ your document will rejected.
4. Application Fees
This may sound like an obvious reason not worth mentioning but it’s often the obvious ones that we overlook when we are in a hurry to put-together our application form. So make sure you pay the right stipulated application fee when applying for a passport. Failure to do so will result of rejection.
5. Criminal History
If  your name is under investigation, your passport is likely to be denied. The state could also deny you a passport if it treats you as a controversial figure. If for any reason the state believes that you have the power to tarnish or diminish the image of the Indian government abroad, you can be denied a passport.
Also, if you have in the past served time in a prison for any crime, the state has the right to review your application closely and deny it on the grounds of threat.
6. Overdue Payments
If you have taken any loan or taxes dues on you your passport may rejected because they think you will fly without payment.
7. Police Checks
your current residential address may conflict with the permanent address you listed in your application. This could happen if you’ve been moving between two different regions during the time of the application. If you are living elsewhere, like in a distant town, but have applied citing a different locality address then you may face issues in the police address-verification process.

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