What is UPI Transcription? How it is useful

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What is UPI Transcription? How it is useful

India is growing day by day digital India launched apply unified payment interface with the new payment method. your smartphone can use as your virtual ATM card or something like card.  you will be able to send receive money instantly from anywhere to anyone using barcode and some UPI code.
UPI service is the revolution of Banking in India I think we can confidently say that the revolution is upon us with the help of UPI Bank service easily transfer payment. Do not need of any cash withdrawals you can just use your UPI to transfer money.
U P I can be like a email id for your money it will be a Unique Identity Number . your bank user give you used to transfer money and make payment using the IMPS immediate payment service is faster than NEFT. Lets you transfer money immediately to anyone works 24 by 7.

Who Started UPI Service ?

UPI interface is a initiative by National payment Corporation of India NCPI with the support of Reserve Bank of India and Indian Bank association the NCPI operates . The Rupay Payment interface  like Visa and MasterCard allow different Bank to interconnect and transfer funds.
With the help of UPI you can simply pay online bill payments you don’t need NEFT IMPS is just a digital wallet. Used for you movie wiki Paytm Tej Bhim app. Some bank’s private app are run using API services you can use them to buy anything online or book Uber OLA car service. food service like Zomato foodpanda online shopping like Amazon Flipkart up using UPS system you can do this things.
I think Goolge pay  is better UPI service. But now in India Paytm beats Google pay Tez record phonepe record Bhim app record in UPI transaction. Paytm UPI works more and used by many peoples of India.  PaytmUPI is so popular you can use any UPI i suggest you use Google pay UPI or Paytm UBI my third opinion is phonepe UPI.   Because sometimes phonepe UPI crash down and your money is stuck for 2 or 4 days this happened with Tez application also but I haven’t seen this error in Paytm app.

5 best UPI Transaction app in market

Tez UPI 
Tez is the best UPI payment gateway in my openion powered by Google. Make your money transfers hassle-free with Tez and pay directly from your bank account. Also you can Earn Reward By Referring

Paytm UPI 
Paytm is the most downloaded UPI app in both Android and iOS platform. Paytm was the pioneer of digital payment service in India and one of the best UPI app in India. The App has excellent UI and integrates many services its plateform.

PhonePe UPI
Phone Pe is a Bangalore based UPI payments App launched in 2016. This payments App now owned  by Flipkart. PhonePe is the first UPI Payment platform in India, will be integrated as a payment option in Walmart India’s “B2B Cash&Carryy Stores”. Phone Pe is partnered with YesBank to provide UPI Payments service in India.

BHIM is the official app for UPI based payments in india  Secure your money with the help of smartphone across UPI and a host of banks that have participated in the UPI platform. if you have BHIM app, you will not need any other specific UPI app for any of the banks you have maintained your account with.

Pockets by ICICI Bank
ICICI Bank so far is the most innovative Bank amongst the Indian Banks and Pockets Digital wallet is one such innovation, first launched by ICICI Bank in India. It’s a digits wallet plus upi payment app. It’s give you virtual ATM cum Debit card.

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