PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update- Here are the Details

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PUBG Mobile which is the most loved Game by all Gamers in India. The Battle Royale Game also is known as Player Unknown Battlegrounds has brought an amazing Update with the Fresh Map, Costume, Arms, Weapon etc.

PUBG Mobile Updated with 0.11.0 Zombie Mode. The PUBG Zombie Mode is Now live for all the Users, The Size of the update is 436 MB and we have got the amazing Zombie Mode that includes New Costume, Weapons, also Monster Name trayant, which is very tough to kill.

Highlights of Update

  • New Costume, Weapon, New Car etc
  • Zombie Mode Update.
  • PUBG Zombie Mode is live for all Gamers

Its Official Name is Survival till Dawn. PUBG Zombie mode Update bring some amazing New Features like Costume, Weapons, bike also the new Zombie mode in which a Monsters name triant which is very tough to kill. Zombies assemble to Resident Evil 2. It is a limited time event for gamers during which player will be able to fight of zombie and resident evil 2 bosses.

Pubg Is most popular gamein asia many people play pubg whole day its to easy to play regularly pubg gives update with new features and modes like zombies mode this is the latest map of pubg where you get dead zombies are alive.

PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 brings the long-awaited Resident Evil 2 collaboration with zombies. The new update brings with it several improvements, including new weapons, skins and most importantly the much-awaited zombies. The update is already available for users on both Android and iOS and if you’re looking to ace the new gameplay.

The Zombies that will appear on the second night would be more difficult to deal with than the first one. Try and stock up with all kind of zombie repellents available. You cant kill all zombies because they are lots of number.

20 Hidden Tricks to survive in PUBG Zombies Mode

  • 1. Use shot Gun to kill Zombies peak on Head Shot to kill them 1 bullet is enough for 1 zombie .
  • 2. Use fire Gun to kill Zombies that works awesome but takes time to load so use it in emergency.
  • 3. Use Machin Gun that can kill Too many Zombies but the worst part is it take too much time more than the fire Gun to kill.
  • 4. Use car to survive in zone 1 and 2 you can also kill Zombies with car but don’t kill Too much because car can blast after few time also don’t kill big Zombies and Tarent with car they can give much damage to the car.
  • 5. Always Stay in open area that will increase your survival time .
  • 6. Don’t try to kill Tarent Alone because he is too Dangerous.
  • 7. Don’t stay in House or tunnel because Zombies can kill you.
  • 8. Water is the safest place because Zombies can’t come in water so you can survive.
  • 9. Don’t stay anywhere for more time always try to run because Zombie mode is about surviveal till dawn not about killing Zombies.
  • 10. Don’t use those guns who have low reload time. And low recoil.
  • If you fallow these tricks you will get the chiken dinner in every match . Hope you enjoyed the article if you have any suggestions please comment dawn below .

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