How To Write Well Seo Optimised Article


How To Write Well Seo Optimised Article

Hello And Welcome Back Viewers To Our An Another Fresh Post Of How To Write Well Seo Optimised Article. Today, We Are Going To Discuss About The Very Important Thing Of A, Article. Articles Are The Backbone Of a Website Or Blog. Strength Of Your Blog or Website Directly Depends On The Quality Of Yout Articles.

Today, We Will know About How To Write Seo Optimised Articles For Your Blog ot Website For Improving The Quality Of Your Articles Which Can Give Very Strong Strength To Your Website.

So Guys, Without Wasting Any More Seconds Let’s Get Started With Our An Another Fresh Article.

What Is Seo?

How To Write Well Seo Optimised Article

I’m Not Going To Answer The Full Form Or History Of Seo Because Here We Don’t Want To Waste Our Expensive Time On Useless Things. Guys, We Can Call Seo As A Tactics Of Improving Your Article To Rank Faster As Well As Its Makes Your Article And Blog More Reachable.

Why I Should Write A Well Seo Optimised Article?

The Answer Of Your This Question Is Your Motive Of Creating or Starting Yiur Blog! Means, Ask Yourself About Why You Created or Started Your Blog? I’m Sure That Your Answer Will Be For Sharing My Knowledge As Far As i Can, As Well As Generating Some Revenue From It. That Means, If You Want To Make Your Blog And Articles More Reachable Then You Have To Write Well Seo Optimised Articles For Your Website or Blog.

Now Let’s Jump To Out Main Point Of How To Write Well Seo Optimised Article. Here are My Own Personal Ways To Write My Own Well Seo Optimised Article. Lets Start With First One):

1. Quality Content

Guys, Before Optimising An Article You Must Have To Write a Quality Content Article Because Without A Quality Content Article, Seo Optimization Will Be Like Handling a Fish Without Water. In Blogging Field, You Must Remember A Thing Always That Content Is The King! After Writing A Quality Content Article, Let’s Jump To Second Step):

2. Keyword Researching

As I Said That, Articles Are The Backbone Of Yout Blog or Website! Same Like This, Keyword Researching Is The Backbone Of Seo. If You Didn’t Do Keyword Researching And Started Writing A Well SEO Optimised Article Then It Will Like Gambling. Because If You Don’t Do Keyword Research Then You Will Not Have Any Idea About The Search Volume And Competition Of The Particular Keyword On Which You Are Writing Your Article.

3. Headings Along Question Tag

From Here, Our Actual Work Starts. While Writing An Article, You Must Use Headings To Separate One or Two Paragraphs. You Should Also Use Question Tags Heading To Attracting Your Audience and Google’s Bot More Easily. For Example, You Can Analyse My This Article. Here I Have Used 2 Headings Along Question Tag! First One Is What Is Seo and Second One Is Why I Should Write Well Seo Optimised Article. Now Let’s Jump To Fourth Step);

4. Repeat Main Keyword

Repeating Your Main Keyword in Your Article Can Give A Very Strong Boost To Your Article’s Seo. But Make Sure That You Are Not Doing Spam On Repeating The Main Keyword. You Should Repeat Your First Focus Keyword At First Paragraph, Second One At A Heading And Few More In Bottom And At The End. You Should Also Bold Your Focus Keyword.

5. Images

Images Are Very Necessary For Your Article’s Seo Score Because According To Google And It’s Algorithm, Your Article Must Have Atleast 2-3 Images (Non Copyrighted) On Your Every Article. You Can Use Images At Where Your Start A New Heading. Also Make Sure that You Are Using Copyright Free Material To Your Website.

That’s All For Today Guys. I Hope You May Liked Our Post As We Written For You.


After Reading This Article, Now We Know That A Well Seo Optimised Article Is Very Very Important To Our Blog Or Website To Increasing The Reach Of Your Blog. Here I Featured Top 5 Most Common But Very Effective Steps To Write A Well Seo Optimised Article. We Are Going To add More As Possible On Our Upcoming Series Of Seo.

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