App Development vs Blogging


App Development vs Blogging

Hello Any Welcome Back Guys To Our An Another Interesting Fresh Post Of App Development vs Blogging. Here We are Going To See Comparison Between Blogging And App Development Because Lots Of Peoples Are Confused About What He/She Should Choose App Development Or Blogging? So If You Are One From Them Then Read Our This Article From Starting To Ending Because Here Every Paragraph Have Different Twist. So Without Wasting AnyMore Single Seconds Let’s Get Started With Our Very Informative Article Of App Development vs Blogging.

What Is App Development?

A Very Simple Meaning Of App Development Is Developing Or Creating Applications For Smartphone Users(Android or Ios Or Both). It Is Just Like Completing Wish Of Others! Because Every Smartphone Users Want To Make There Daily Life More Easy And Joyful With The Help Of there Smartphone Which Is Only Possible Via Using Apps/Applications.

Pros And Cons

Guys As We Know That Everything Have There Own Pros And Cons Which Helps Us To Choose The Better Option. Let’s Talk About The Pros And Cons Of App Development


Large Number Of Audience To Be Attract- Guys, as we Know About The Market Of Smartphone Users. Billions Of Peoples Are Using Smartphones On Daily Bases And All Of Them Are Excited To Try New Applications. Means, You Have Millions of Users To Attract Everytime.

Time-  Analyze Yourself! How Much Time You Spend On Application And Blogs?  I’m Pretty Sure That You Are Spending More Time On Application As Compare To Blogs.

Options- In App Development, You Have Lots Of Options To Choose And Create Your Apo On It. For Example, You Can Make Camera App, Photo Editing App. You Can Develop Games as well As Social Media Platform.

Revenue- Revenue From App Development Is Mind Blowing! I personally Know About Some App Developers Who Earns Thousands Of Dollars Per Day Via Developing Apps! If You Are Going With The App Development Then You Have Lots Of Ways To earn From It. If You Want Then You Can Sell Your Apps As a Developer Or You Can Monetize It For You.

Let’s Jump To Other One Which Is Blogging

What Is Blogging?

Blogging Means Writing Articles For Your Audience. In This Field, Bloggers Create There Own Website And Write Articles, Based On There Niche, On It. Nowadays, Blogging Is Getting Very Epic Level Response. Means, Lots And Lots Of New Bloggers Start There Blog Per Day! Apart From A Study, One Of Three On This World Have There Own Blog or Website!

Now Let’s Come To Pros Of Blogging


Easy To Start- Blogging Is Very Easy To Start Because You Can Start Blogging From Day First But In App Development You Must Have To Learn Codings And Get Some Experience Which Is Very Time Taking Period.

Your Passion- Blogging Is Not Just A Platform To Earn Money! Bcz Its Depends On Your Passion. If Writing Is Your Passion Then You Are Most Welcome To The Blogging Field Because Peoples Who Are Not Passionate About Blogging And Coming In This Field Only For Money, Always Fails!

Revenue- Once Your Website Or Blog Started Getting Big Responses or Large Number Of Traffic Then Your Source Of Earning Will Exceed Day By Day! One Of The Most Popular Method Of Earning From Blog Is Google AdSense but It is Not The least or Last One.

Respect- If Your Blog Become Very Popular Then Your Respect Will Grow Rapidly! Because Everyone From World Wide Wants To Learn Something From You. Google Team Will Also Give You Special Opportunities To Join There Seminars As A VIP! That Means, Blogging Have Revenue With Fame but Only For Them Who Is Actually Passionate About It.

As like A Coin, Everything Have Two Aspect Such As Pros And Cons. We Have Already Discussed About The Pros Of Both Of Them. Now Let’s Discuss About The Cons Of Both Of Them.

Cons(App Development)

Time Taking- App Development Is Very Time Taking Because Before Starting App Development You Must Have To Learn Codings First! However, There Are Few Platforms To Develop Apps Without Coding Is Available On Thid Internet But They Are Not More Professional And Long Living.

Investment Needed- In App Development, Investment Is Very Necessary! Let Me Answer You Why And Where. First Of All, You Have To Invest Your Time On Learning And Developing Apps, After Developing The App If You Want To Upload It On Play Store Then It Will Cost 25 Dollars. After Uploading On Play Store, You Have To Do It’s Promotion Because There Are Already Tons Of Application Available On Play Store On Same Category or Topic.


Time- As Like App Development, Blogging Is Also a Time Taking Platform Because You Can Start Your Blog On Day First But Traffic On Your Site Will Come After Few Months And A Blog Without Traffic Is Useless.

Investment- Blogging Also Recommends Some Investments! Let Me Answer Your Why And Where. If You Are More Passionate About Blogging And Want To Give More Better User Experience To Your Traffic Then You Must Have To Purchase A Very Powerful Hosting! As Well As A Premium Domain Is Required For A Blog.

That’s All For Today Guys. I Hope You May Liked Our This Article Of App Development vs Blogging. If You Actually Liked Our Article And Want To Get Up-to-dated With Us Then Smack The Bell Icon For Receiving Notification Of Every New Articles.


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