Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging?


Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging?

Hello And Welcome Back Viewers To Our An Another Fresh Post Of Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging. Today We Are Going To Discuss About Why WordPress Is Best For Developing Website or Doing Website And For Whom WordPress Is Perfect. So Without Wasting Any More Seconds Let’s Get Started);

What Is WordPress?

Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on MySQL and PHP. It Have Some Extra Ordinary Features Like plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress is mostly associated with Blogging but Its Also Supports Other Types of Web Content Including More Traditional Mailing Lists and Forums, media galleries, and online stores. WordPress Is Being Used by more than 60 million websites, Including 33.6% of The Top 10 Million Websites as of April 2019. It is the most popular website management system in use.

As I Mentioned, WordPress Is An Open Source Content Management! That Means Everyone Can Use It Free Of Cost But It Requires A Hosting or Server To Be Hosted. In WordPress, There Are Lots Of Customizations Features In Compare To Any Other Web Builders Including Blogger.

Now Let’s Jump To The Main Point  What Is The Benefits Of WordPress? Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging?

Note:- WordPress.org Is Open Source Content Management System But Its Requires A Good Web Hosting Plan On Web Server Which Is Quite Expensive. Means, If You Have Enough Budget To Purchase A Good Hosting Plan and A Custom Domain Then WordPress is 101% Suitable For You.

Benefits Of WordPress –

As I Mentioned, There Are Lots Of Extra Ordinary Features Presented On WordPress In Compare To Any Other Web Builder Including Blogger But Its Required Investment. Here Are Top 5 Benefits Of WordPress –

1. Easy To Use

WordPress Is Very Easy to Use And If You Are Very Beginner In Field Of Blogging Then You Must Need To Understand What Is Happening With/On Your Blog or Website And WordPress Makes It Very Easy. Everything Is Implanted Already In The Source File Of WordPress That Means You Don’t Have To Manually Add Features You Want.

2. Up-To-Dated

Just like Our Phone, WordPress Provides Regular New Updates For Fixing Bugs And Adding More Features. Also WordPress stays up-to-date with the latest Technology, Trends and User’s needs.

3. Design

WordPress Already Have Tons Of Ready Made Designs To Be Implemented To Our Website or Blog To More Attractive. On Internet, There Are Millions Of Paid And Free Themes Available To Give A Attractive Look To Your Website or Blog. A Attractive Design Of Blog Helps Admin To Catch There Traffic. If Your Site Have Good Looking Design Then Traffic Will Come Back Later Again.

4. Plugins

Just Like Themes, WordPress Provides Lots Of Plugins To Make Our Work Easy. If You Want To Add More Features On Your WordPress Website Then You Can Easily Do It With Help Of Plugins Which Is Only Available On WordPress And Not On Any Other Platforms. On Internet, Millions Of Paid and Free Plugins Are Available Which Helps Us More To Apply Or Add New Features Without Doing A Single Coding.

5. Seo Makes Easy

WordPress Makes SEO Very Easy Because Of Its Content Management System. As I Have Mentioned That You Can Add/Install Plugins To Apply More Features. Just Like This You Can add Some Seo Makes Simple Plugins Which Suggest Us How To Make Our New Article More Seo Friendly. I Will Suggest Yoast Seo Plugin For Doing and Learning Proper Seo Of Your New Article.

These Was Top 5 Very Common And Most Profitable Feature Of WordPress But Trust Me Guys, There Are Tons Of Mind Blowing Features Available On WordPress But Because You Are A Beginner Therefore These Top 5 Benefits Of WordPress Is Enough For You.

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