How To Create Backlinks To Rank Faster?


How To Create Backlinks?

Hello And Welcome Back Viewers To Our An Another Interesting Post Of How To Create Backlinks For Rank Faster. Today We are Going To Learn About Some Of The Most Easiest, Bestest And Safest Methods To Create Backlinks For Your Blog or Website. So If You’re Interested To Knowing About Those Ways For Creating Backlinks Then Let’s Get Started.

Doing Proper SEO Of A Blog Or Website Is Most Important Part For Ranking It On Google’s Search Result. All Among The Internet, Almost 93% Users Use Google Search Engine That Means Google Is The Dominating Search Engine and This Is The Reason Why We Do More Focus On Google’s Search Result.

As I Said, Doing Proper SEO Of Your Blog Or Website Id Most Important Part Of Ranking It Faster On Internet. Just Like That, Creating Proper Backlinks Is The Most Important Part Of Doing Proper Seo Of A Blog Or Website. Let’s Know Briefly About Backlinks.

What Is Backlinks?

Backlinks Are The Incoming/Outgoing Links To A Blog or Website. When A Website links Back to any other Blog or Article, it’s called a backlink. In Last Decade, Backlink Was The Major Scale For The Ranking of Your Website or Blog. A Blog Or Article Having a lot of backlink Tended To Rank Higher on Google or Other Search Engines.

A Backlink Is a Reference Comparable To a Citation. The Quality, Quantity and The Relevance of Backlinks For a Website are Among the Factors That Search Engines Like Google and Bing Evaluate In order To estimate How Important The Article or Website Is. Mostly, There Are Two Types Of Backlinks.

Let’s Learn About Types Of Backlinks,

Types Of Backlinks

There Are Two Types Of Backlinks – First One Is Do-Follow Backlinks and Second one Is No-Followe Backlinks. Let’s Learn Briefly About Types Of Backlinks.

Before Talking About Do-Follow Backlinks and No-Follow Backlinks, Let’s Talk About A Very Import Thing Link Juice .

What Is Link Juice?

When Someone’s Website Give Links To Any Of Your Articles Or your Website/Blog. It Grant “link juice”. This Link Juice Is Very Important Part Of SEO Because Its Helps Out With The Ranking Of Your Article, and Its Also Improves The DA (domain authority) Of Your Domain or Website.

What Are No-Follow Backlinks?

When Someone’s Website Or Blog Gives Links Back to Your Website, But The Given Link Has a No-Follow Tag And that Link Doesn’t Pass Link Juice Are Called No-Follow Backlinks. No-Follow Backlinks Are Not A Factor Of Your Website or Article’s Ranking But It Is Also Required In View Of Google.

What Are Do-Follow Backlinks?

When Someone’s Website Or Blog Gives Links Back to Your Website, And The Given Link Has a Do-Follow Tag And that Link Do Pass The Link Juice Are Called Do-Follow Backlinks. Do-Follow Backlink Are Most Important Factor Of Your Website or Article’s Ranking On Google’s Search Result. But Always Remember Quality Is Greater Then Quantity!

Now Let’s Come Back To Out Main Point Of How To Create Backlinks For Ranking Fast.

How To Create Backlinks?

Here Are Some Of Very Useful, Trusted And Reliable Ways To Creating Backlinks-

Note:- Here I Have Only Mentioned That Way Which Can Give You Quality Backlink! Numbers Of Backlinks From These Ways Are Low But The Quality Will Be High And Will be Lost Lasting.

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting Is My Personal Favourite Method To Create Backlinks For My Blog Or My Client’s Blog. Guest Posting Is Very Simple But Its Gives You Very High Quality Do-Follow Backlinks Which Will Boost Your Ranking Extremely. Here Is How You Can Do Guest Posting For Getting Very High Quality Backlinks –

  • Find A Reputed Blog Which Offers Guest Posting
  • Write and Submit A Unique Article For Them
  • Add Backlinks Of Your Blog On That Article
  • Impress The Admin Of That Website And Make Your Article Published
  • Now You Have Got a/Few Very High Quality Backlink/s

2. Spying Competitors

Spying Your Cimpetitors Is The Most Effective Way To Create Large Number Of High Quality Backlinks From Where Your Competitors Had Already Created. For Doing This Thing You Needs A Tool For Analysing Your Competitor, One Of Them Is Paid But Very Effective Ahrefs Second One Is Free But Less Effective UberSuggest. Here Are The Steps Of Doing Cimpetitor Spying And Making Backlinks –

  • Find Your Competitors Via Searching Your Keyword On Google
  • Copy Competitor’s Url
  • Paste That Url To Ahref Or UberSuggest
  • Find The List Of Do-Follow Backlinks Of Your Competitors
  • Make Your Own Do-Follow Backlinks From That Same Place

3. Broken Link Building Method

Creating Backlinks From Broken Link Building Method Is Very Time Consuming But Its Provides Very Large Number Of High Quality Do-Follow Backlinks From Reputed Websites. Here Are Steps To Create Backlinks From Broken Link Building Method –

  • Find Reputed Websites In Your Niche/Category That Have Resource Pages or Given Backlinks (You Can Do This Via Searching “your keyword + links”)
  • Find Broken Links Of That Website or Article (Use “Check My Links” Chrome Extension To Doing This Easily)
  • Notify The Admin Of That Website (While Reaching To Them, Be Familiar! Express Everything Regarded To That Broken Links And Suggest You Own Links Instead Of Those Broken Links)
  • Earn High Quality Do-Follow Backlinks

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