How To Do YouTube SEO?


How To Do YouTube SEO

Hello and Welcome Back Guys To Our An Another Interesting Post Of How To Do YouTube SEO. In This Post, We Are Going To Discuss About Few Important Steps Of Doing YouTube Seo For Attracting More And More New Audiences. If You Want To Know How To Do YouTube SEO Then Let’s Get Started);

Before Getting Started, Let’s Find Out Answer Of Why We Need To Do YouTube SEO?

Why YouTube SEO?

Guys If You Are A New Youtuber And Struggling From Very Low Number Of Subscribers And Views On Your Channel Then YouTube SEO Is The Only Method To Increase It! Doing Proper YouTube SEO Makes Sure That Your Videos Comes On Viewers Search Result And Suggestions.

Doing YouTube SEO Is The Only Method To Attract New Viewers From Different Different Countries or Niche.

Let’s Find Out How To Do YouTube SEO

How To Do YouTube SEO?

Doing YouTube SEO Is Not A Panic Work And As Well As Not A Very Easy Work. Its All Depends On The Tactics. Here I Have Mentioned Some Very Important And Profitable Steps To Doing Proper YouTube SEO –

1.Quality Content

Quality Content Is Must For Doing YouTube SEO Because What It Will Mean If You Did SEO Of Useless Video? I Think This Will Affect The Future Of Your Channel Because Viewers Never Comebacks To Useless Channels. In YouTube and Blogging, Quality Content Is Very Important! Make Sure That Your Niche Is Usefull For Large Number Of Audience.

2. Watch Time

Watch Time Matters A Lot For The Position Of Your Video In YouTube Search Result. If You Didn’t Do Any SEO Of Your Video But Your Watch Time Is Greater Then Your Competitors Then Your Video Will Definitely Rank Higher.

How To Increase YouTube Watch Time?

Increasing YouTube Watch Time Is Very Important as Well As Very Difficult. First Of All Let’s Know What Is YouTube Watch Time? Let me Answer – YouTube Watch Time Is The Average Watched Duration Of Your Views. Let’s Comeback To How To Increase It.

For Increasing Watch Time, You Must Have To Know That What Audience Actually Wants! You Also Have To Know That Does Your Videos Contains Useless Parts or Boring Parts? If You Find Out Any Of These Then Start Your Work To Improve It. Also Make Sure That You Are Only Giving That Thing Which Your Audience Wants(In Initial Stage). You Should Also Ask To Your Viewers If Your Videos Requires Any Updates or Impressions. Let’s Jump To Next Seo Tactics.

3. Active-Ness

Being Active On Your Channel Is Very Important If You Are New Youtuber And Started Getting Good Response From Audiences. How To Be Active? Here Are Some Suggestions-

  • Choose A Preferred Timing Of Publishing Your Videos- If Your Channel Have a Fix Timing Of Uploading Videos Then Your Subscribers Will Be Alert On That Timing For Your Video’s Notification And Your Watch Time Will Be Increase Like Rocket.
  • Reply Every Comments – If You Are A New Youtuber And You Just Started Getting Some Responses From Your Audience Then Reply Every Single Comments On Your YouTube Videos Fir Impressing Your Viewers.
  • Upload Videos Daily – At Initial Stage, You Should Must Upload 1-2 Videos Everyday For Impressing YouTube Because YouTube Wants Contents For There Users as Well As There Business. If You Are Uploading Videos On Daily Bases Then YouTube Algorithm Will Automatically Start Sending Your Videos To Suggestions Of Large Number Of Visitors.

Let’s Jump To Next Tactics-

4. Video Title

Setting A Perfect Video Title Is A Very Important Part Of How To Do YouTube SEO bcz Video Title Perform Very Import Role Of SEO That Is Focus Keyword. Here is Very Useful Step To Choose A Perfect Video Title-

  • Mix Match Keywords- Try To Mix Two Or More Keywords In Your Video Title. For Example – If Your Video Is How To Do YouTube SEO Then You Can Make How To Do YouTube SEO And Increase Views On YouTube! Here We Just Used Two Keywords In a Single Title. First One Is Related To YouTube SEO and Second One Is Related To Increasing Views.

Let’s Jump To Next Seo Tactics

5. Thumbnail

A Perfect Thumbnail Of Your YouTube Video Performs Very Important Role In Attracting New Audiences Because We Know That First Impression Is The Last Impression and YouTube Thumbnail Performs 1st Impression Of Your Video. That Means, You Should Try To Make A Very High Quality and Impressive Thumbnail For Your YouTube Videos But Don’t Try To do Any Spam.

6. Description

YouTube Has Provided Video Description Section For Writing A Quick Overview Of Your Videos But Almost Everyone Use This Thing For Adding Spam Tags and Social Media Links. I’m Not Stopping You To Do This But I Want To suggest You That You Should Write A Good Description Of Your Video Containing Focus Keyword Which Is Your Video’s Title. Also You Can Use Some Tags Here But Don’t Do Any Kind Of Spam.

7. Tags

YouTube’s Tag Feature Is Very Useful Feature Of Your Video’s Seo But I Have Seen Lots Of Youtubers Who Doesn’t Use This Thing And also Some Of Them Uses Spammy Tags Here. Adding A Good Tags Of Your Videos Is Very Important. For Finding Best Tags You Can Do Google For YouTube Tag Generator.

Bonus Tip-

Improve Watch Time

I have Already Mentioned That Your Video’s Watch Time Matters A Lot For Your Video’s Position In YouTube Search Result. Also I Had Mentioned Some Tactics To Increase It. Here Is A Bonus Tip To Improve It-

Guys, If You Are In Initial Stage And Your Videos Are Not Getting Pretty Well Views And Not Getting Ranked On YouTube Search Result Then You Can Improve It Yourself. Here Are The Steps To Improve It-

  • Make Some New Youtube Accounts
  • Upload Video From Your Main Account
  • Switch To Another Account
  • Search Your Video’s Title or Focus Keyword
  • Find Your Video Via Getting Down To Search Result
  • Play Your Video
  • Watch Till End
  • Switch To Another Account And Repeat This Whole Steps.

That’s All For Today Guys. I Hope You May Liked Our This Article. If You Actually Liked Then Make Sure That You Have Pressed The Bell Icon For Receiving Notifications Of Ever New Articles.

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