What Are On-Page And Off-Page Seo?


What Are On Page And Off-Page Seo?

Hello And Welcome Back Viewers To Our An Another Interesting Post Of What Are On-Page And Off-Page Seo. So If You Are Interested On SEO and its Technics Then Let’s Get Started);

SEO: Search Engine Optimization The Only Optimization Technic Of Improving Your Website’s Ranking as Well as Your Website’s Traffic. Nowadays, The Proper Search Engine Optimization Of A Blog or Website Is The First Priority Of The Webmasters Because as I Said That It Is Only The Process To Improve Ranking And Traffic of A Blog or Website.

Search Engine Optimization Is Not A Single Process. Its Have Lots And Lots Of Core Processes But All Are Divided Into Two Parts, First One is On Page SEO And Second One is Off Page Seo. Let’s See A Quick Overview of On page and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO And Off Page SEO

Seo Is Not A Small or Single Process. If You Are Going To Do A Proper Search Engine Optimization Then You Have To Know That SEO Have Lots Of Core Processes but Mainly They Are Divided Into Two Parts – On Page And Off Page SEO. Let’s Go Deeper To Both Of These. Let’s Start With On Oage SEO-

What Is On-Page Seo?

By Name Itself Shows That On Page SEO is That Seo Process Which Covers Every Terms That We Need To Do On The Page. It Is The Part Of Page Optimization Which Also Covers Article Optimization. As Previously I Said That SEO Has Lots and Lots Of Core Processes Which Are Divided Into On Page and Off Page Seo. Let’s See What Does On Page SEO Covers?

On Page SEO Activities-

Here Are The List With Quick Overview Of Activities Which We Do In On Page Seo.

  • Keyword Research- It Is The First Process Of On Page Seo. On This Process, We Look For The Keyword On Which We Have To Write Article. In This Process, We Also Perform Analysis Of That Keyword.
  • Competition Analysis- After Finding The Proper Keyword On Which We Can Write, We Moves Forward To Analyse It’s Competition. Nowadays, Almost Every 2 of 3 Have There On Blog And Competition Is Getting Higher Day By Day. In This Process, We Finds The Almost Value Of How Much Backlinks or etc Things Are Required To Rank On Number 1.
  • Content Optimization- The Most Important Part Of On Page Seo. Because If You Have Written a Article Which Is Not Optimised For The Reader Then It Will Be Useless. In This Process, We Optimise Our Article To Make It More Easy To Easy To Understanding For Readers.
  • Internal Linking- Internal Linking Is Very Important And Useful For Every Bloggers. In This Process, We Do Place Our Own Article’s Link To Our Another Article(Where That Is Required). If We Do This, Then If Our One Article Will Rank Then Another Will Be Get Traffic Through That.
  • SiteMap Adding or Updating- A Site Map is a List of Pages (as well as articles) of a web site. It Makes Sure That Your Which Pages Are Going To Index By Google’s Crawler and Which One Is Not. If You Didn’t Submit This then Google’s Crawler Will Not Crawl Your Website Perfectly.
  • Keyword URL Mapping- This Thing Is Use While Writing Articles or Completing A Page. In This Process You Have To Make Sure That The URL Of Your Article or Page Is Containing Your Main Keyword or Focus Keyword.
  • Meta Description- Putting a Good Meta Description Is Very Important To A Article Because If Your Article May Ranked Then Readers Will Read Your Meta Description first Then They Will Open Your Article.
  • Alt tags- In This Process, You Have To Add Alt Tags On Images or Infographicks You use In Your Article. This Make Sure That Your Images Are Also Reachable To Audience.
  • H1, H2 & Strong tags- Headings and Strong Tags Are The Beauty Of A Article. This Makes Sure That Your Website’s Schema May Come Tk Search Result. Also You Should Use Some Question Tags To Your Articles.
  • Error 404 page optimization- The Biggest And Common Issue Of Every New Bloggers. They Always Forget To Optimise There 404 Page Error. Sometimes We Have To Delete Some Indexed Content From Our Blog But There Links Still Saved on Google’s Search Result. When Users Open That Links Then They Saw Some Errors called Error 404. If You Properly Optimise This Then Your Traffic Will Not Bounce Off and Your Bounce Rate Will Be Maintained.
  • Permalinks- A Neat And Clean Permalink is Very Important To The Visibility Of Your Content On Search Result. If You Are Using WordPress Then You Can Customize your PermLinks From Dashboard>Settings>Permalinks.
  • Search Engine Console Authentication- Google Provides Google Search Engine Console Free Of Cost To Everyone. You Must Use This Thing. Login To Google Search Console And Authenticate Your Website Here. This Will Help To Easily Fetching Your Contents To Google.

That’s All For The On Page SEO. Guys, I Think This Article Is Going Very Lengthy! So I decided To Convert This Whole Article Into 2 Parts.

Here We Had Learned About On Page Seo. In Our Next Article, We Will Learn About Off Page SEO.

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