How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

How to do perfect on page SEO 2019 SEO is a big problem for new blogger but here we will give you step by step Guide how to do On page SEO.

Strategy to rank article through Words

In 2015 writing a 300 to 500 words article were enough. Bun in 2019 it is not as simple as before. Now you have to write more than 500 words to make article SEO friendly. But to rank article on first page you have to write article more 1000 to 3000 words. But the access of words without need is useless.

How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

How to make article looks more beautiful ?

Write articles in small paragraph don’t put lots off sentence in a single paragraph. Use 4-8 Paragraph in a article which has word limit of 500 to 1000 words. Use H1 H2 H3 H4 Headings in your article to make more readability score. Try to use Bold, Italic, Bulletin, Number, Different Alignment, Comma, Full Stop in your Article to make more beautiful.

How to Put Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the main keywords of your article which should be related to the article Focus keyword should be use in your Article Title, Heading 1. And also must be use 4-5 times in your article to make is user friendly and this is good for SEO.

Always Make your keyword BOLD in your article this is good for user and also it will help you to rank your article. You can use more than 1 Focus keyword and Also you can use 5-20 Other keywords in your article.

But they must be used 4 to 5 times in your article and they must be BOLD or Italic Or UNDERLINE  etc. 

Image SEO in Article

SEO of Image means you have to do SEO for the thumbnail And other related content use 1 to 3 images for 1000 word article and use 5-7 Images for 3000 word Article.

Size of Image mater for the post ranking means you have to use a low size of image with high Resolution. Because if you use image of 1MB to 3 MB of size this will reduce Page load time. And it will be the reason for Bad on page SEO.

less than 500 KB  is good for SEO Friendly Article. Image of your article can give you Organic traffic through google Images Search. Always Put your title in ALT text of the image and the name of Image.

What is Perfect Permalinks for SEO

The URL of a website is called the permalink. Permalink Should be the Title of your post for good SEO results. But if you have a news related website. We recommend you to use permalink which Includes Title and Date for the good SEO.

Put Links For How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

You can use your other article links in your current article this process is called Internal Linking and also called Inbound Link. Out Bound Link is also important For SEO. It means you should give reference through High DA PA website. Like Wikipedia, Quara, Or other Big sites this can also help you in on site SEO.

How to Find Keyword for free

How to do perfect on page SEO 2019

Is is also difficult to find a keyword for your post that is popular. But with the simple tips you can do it. Try my 5 experienced tips for this.

  • Search your topic before write and understand the strategy of your competitor.
  • Use google trend Platform checking latest trend in world wide.
  • Search your focus keyword on google to check alternative keywords.
  • Check which article rank on google images related to your post read it carefully to understand his strategy for ranking in google images.
  • Put other top 5 article in your sub Heading This will work as LSI Keywords.



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